sunset seen through a mass-produced empty glass

How uncertainty became our first nature

Everybody is nowadays talking of change: change of habits, of identity, climate or sustainable underwear brands. Change is one of those few constants we know, ‘shuffling’ is being ‘in tune’ with the times.

Change of perspective — once a concept that brought the freshness of reinventing ‘‘one better self’’ —…

When we can not recognise a blessing in disguise - a harsh situation that is happening for (own) growth - the whole world seems to fall apart. Even that be true, remember that new beginnings and change are as constant as death and desolation.

I would gladly wear the mask…

-What do we have for breakfast?


-Nooo, not again. I don’t want porridge. I want berries.

Little seven years old Selma is rolling her dark blue eyes in despair. These people who live their summers in the RV (recreational vehicle) eat nothing but porridge at breakfast. For two days…

:: read on Vice Romania ::

După niște împușcături între dealerii de droguri și poliție, s-a anunțat închiderea Christianiei, cea mai mare comună de hipioți din Danemarca.

Un simpatizant al rezidenţilor Christianiei pozează cu steagul comunităţii lângă noul mesaj lăsat de aceştia pe pancarta de la intrare. Fotografii de Ioan Colbeanu

Pasionaţii locurilor în care-ţi poţi achiziţiona şi aprinde un Gigi fără paranoia arestului au aflat deja, probabil, de izgonirea dealerilor…

Trip of the iceberg

Reverse of the Anthropocene. Ecologic empathy_

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